Sunday, February 25, 2007


Jao 2003

Will you be sad when i tell you
That one day i might leave?
Be gone not for hours, or minutes
But days without end.
Will you be teary-eyed when,
On the day i leave you nothing
But a fistful of memories
And one hell of a heartache?
Will you cry and be brave
After that and everything else?
Life still hold something dear
And i am but just a passing stranger then
Who gave you but a piece of himself
Will you be free when i let you go?
Or hold on dearly to what can't be?
I gave you nothing but mere choices
You chose not to,
I don't blame you
Will you be as i am
When all this had passed and i am gone?
And words and kisses are but a memory
That was you, this is me
But where are we?
This is my sadness.
Now it is yours.

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